Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Fat Loss Forever Review

John Romaniello's Fat Loss Forever is now available, so it's time for me to review it.

Let's first look at what you get when you order the program (keep in mind this is a digital product--all of it comes via download once you have ordered):

Nutrition Manual:

This document describes the benefits of intermittent fasting and lays out the plan for how to implement it.  The information here may surprise you if you've never tried this method of dieting before.  But I think you'll be impressed when you look at the real science behind it.  The body responds to a short fast by maximizing its fat burning capacity (through hormonal adjustments, etc).

Another thing I like about Romaniello's approach is the practical nature of it.  I think you'd be able to implement his plan while having a fairly normal life schedule--this is much harder to do with other dietary approaches.

Training Manual:  

You'll use four different types of training with Fat Loss Forever.  This manual explains the benefits of each and shows you the techniques for getting the most out of each workout.  It is very important to read the manual before you try to train.  Otherwise you may look at the workout program and get confused as to sets, reps, and rest. 

Workout Sheets:  The workout sheets give you the outline for exercises, sets, reps, and rest periods.  These include complex, density, dynamic, and GH (growth hormone) surge workouts.

Here's something else to keep in mind:  this style of training is not your typical bodybuilding routine--these are fat burning routines and they are hard.  They'll really get your heart rate up and maximize your calorie burning (even after training). 

Food Guide and Grocery List:

This guide explains "good," "neutral," and "bad" choices as far as what you should be buying in the grocery store.  It's pretty basic stuff, but you could print this out and bring it with you while shopping if you need help making good food choices.

Diet Calender:

This handy little document outlines what a typical week should look like if you are doing the program.  Each day's diet and training is listed.

Supplement Guide:

The supplements Romaniello recommends.  I'm sure the brand he promotes is good, but I think you'd have equally good results using other brands or even no supplements at all.  Remember: supplements just aren't all that important, so don't get too concerned if you don't want to spend money on them or if they aren't available where you live.

Quick Start Checklist:

A guide of what you'll need to get started. 


I think Fat Loss Forever will be effective if you are willing to follow Romaniello's guides for both the diet and the training.  I've personally used intermittent fasting for fat loss and it is now my favorite way to lower my body fat level.  Just remember there are no short-cuts to getting lean--this program requires work and discipline.

I would also encourage you not to get too concerned with the supplementation aspect and focus more on the overall nutrition and workout aspects. 

Just CLICK HERE if you are interested in trying it (the program has a 100% money-back guarantee). 

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